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Sub Corrector v1.0.20 - batch change the ass-subtitles display settings with just one click
Sub Corrector
  • Subtitles alignment - center or bottom. Valid only for the main style, ie inscriptions, the lyrics (in the opening themes and ending themes), the author's words, etc. will remain unchanged.
  • Borders and shadows scale - the program allows you to disable it, because usually it only spoils subtitles or makes you change the settings every time. It's recommended to always choose "no scale" if it doesn't cause some problems with wrong border or shadow depth.
  • Rename styles names:
    • Rename Default to _Default - it needs because sometimes in Default style when styling is off the padding from the left and right screen becomes always zero. It's recommended to use always if it doesn't make subtitles view different from that you wanted for some reason.
    • Rename main style to Default - for cancel "Change to _Default" or for subtitles autors, because main style must be named Default in release for players correctly handles display options. Usual users don't need this function.
    • Change one name to another - for subtitles autors, usual users don't need this function.
  • Padding from the left and right screen edges - when paddings are zero text width s too big, so you should move your eyes from side to side, so you better to set a little distance from the edges of the screen. Paddings are measured in percentages and not in pixels or this distance will not be always the same and will change from file to file. It's recommended to use always.
  • Remove pauses between dialogues - Some inexperienced subbers when there's rapid change of dialogues leaving pauses between dialogues even if this pause is very small. Because of this, it turns out that the subtitles are constantly flickering, and that making it relaxed watching impossible. The program allows you to extend the old dialog before the new one if time is little to eliminate flickering. This option is recommended to use always (at a value of 0.5-0.6 s), because even experienced subbers often make these errors accidentally because they don't check their subtitles with automated tools for any these errors.
  • Remove line breaks - this option is not recommended, except in the cases when width becomes too small due to the huge amount of line breaks or when due to line breaks dialogues don't fit to screen width and the player has to move them to the next line so the author's style spoils.
  • Remove embedded fonts - this option is not recommended, except in the cases when font is wrong because of them.